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Mission statement

Estonian American Fund for Economic Education, Inc. was founded in January 1990 to take advantage of the opening provided by perestroika to broaden contacts and address needs in Estonia the very existence of which had been denied during the 50 years of Soviet occupation.

At the time the U. S policy favoured democratization and economic reforms while promoting the territorial integrity of the Soviet Union. Accordingly, the Fund first concentrated on economics, then a "politically correct " approach. As the bylaws permit a broad range of activity, the Fund soon got involved in healthcare, general welfare, education, training economists and statisticians, developing nonprofit organizations, supporting youth-oriented voluntary services.

The Fund works on the basis of projects. Anyone is welcome to propose a project. Execution depends on a verified need and trustworthy partners in Estonia, and personal commitment of effort, expertise and resources on the part of volunteers in the United States.

Dear friends of Estonia!

You made a record achievement possible. You helped create and carry out projects that earned widespread trust in our undertakings. One major event was the purchase of a building for the Tartu Christian Adolescents’ Home that fulfilled their dream for a real home, an urgently needed replacement for rapidly deteriorating rental premises. The plaque above is a  thank-you “for a real home for our children, an inestimable foundation for the rest of their lives.” The project was launched thanks to bequests by Mrs. Maie Vanaveski and Mrs. Hilda Kaepa.
Another dream, that of the Estonian Boy Scouts was realized thanks to a major gift from Mrs. Linda Saar. Every year on June 10 we celebrate the anniversary of our founding. This year we received the greatest birthday present ever – a home of its own for the Scouting Center, said Kristjan Pomm, Chief Scout of Estonia. “We are grateful to the supporters of the Estonian American Fund who believe in our mission. Scouting promotes well-rounded development for young people. Skills and knowledge, nature adventures, citizenship and volunteering for good deeds for the benefit of society.”

Thirteeen postgraduate students at Tartu University received a total of $37,000 in scholarships from the Andreas and Elmerice Traks memorial fund.  A medical student received a stipend from the Harald Luning memorial fund, and two master’s candidates in biomedical technology received the Ole and Maie Golubjatnikov memorial stipend. Estonian Folk Culture Center, Estonian National Museum, and the Rapla Maarja-Magdaleena congregation benefited from the generosity of Tiiu Kera and Norman Wolfe.  We also made grants to the Bethel Social Service Center, Kohila Children’s center, MTÜ Occupational Therapy, and a family service called Granny’s Place. Noarootsi high school stands out thanks to innovative English language instruction, using native English speakers. Devin Black, a native of Michigan, earned a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at Tallinn University. He developed an e-course on Perspectives of American culture and Society that was adopted by two other schools. He also developed a course on current events, using print copies of the New York Times supplied by the Fund.  All told, the Fund invested $814,852 in good deeds in Estonia in the year 2016.  The Fund offers a platform for all who are care about the civil society in Estonia.

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Your ideas, support, and personal involvement  make all the difference.


You are invited

Estonia is still very much a work in progress.  The Fund is an open organization: your expertise, ideas, and material support are welcome.

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