Estonian American Fund
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As a rule, scholarship applications are processed by the Tartu University Foundation. The competitions are announced in Universitas Tartuensis. Documentation may be submitted to

Grant Application Guidelines

The Estonian American Fund makes grants on project-by-project basis. The intent is to provide seed money for the start-up phase of worthy projects that are reasonably expected to become self-sustaining. Applicants are encouraged to look for multiple sources of long-term funding, and not to rely on EAF for perpetual support.

1. State the purpose of your project, and explain how you justify it.

2. Identify the project leader, team members, and the applicant organization.  

3. Tell us how the project would serve or benefit society.

4. Tell us how you intend to implement your project. Include cost estimates. If it is a              multistage project, provide estimates of completion dates for each stage. When we provide funding, we expect to be regularly advised of the progress on the project. The money provided needs to be fully accounted for. Generally, we limit the number of project stages we will finance. When we do agree to fund several project stages, funds will be released for starting the first stage only. Funds for subsequent stages will be released upon completion of the earlier stages.

5. Tell us about your current and planned fundraising efforts, and the availability of other   resources such as government financial support, input from other charities, your  present and planned fundraising efforts, contributions from businesses or civic organizations in the form of labor, expertise, and materials.

These broad guidelines will not fit every situation. They only illustrate our general approach to evaluating applications for support.